A small Motel like Studio in our private back garden which is generally for our family and friends if required.  We do rent this out at peak times if all of our units and other units in town seem to be booked and we have no family staying.

HOWEVER, this is for 1 or 2 quiet guests, no children, no pets, no EXCEPTIONS.

COOKING is limited to a Microwave, and the outdoor BBQ, the Studio does have a fridge, utensils.  Perfect for the person who wants a holiday without cooking. 

The STUDIO is extremely comfortable, like our units, has a 42" TV, video available, air-conditioning, free WIFI, large shower in the new bathroom.

We do go out into our back garden so if you want TOTAL PRIVACY with no-one ever walking past, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THIS - Sorry but feel the need to write this in as one couple commented that there were 'people walking past the deck' ..... YEP possibly once or twice a day there were and when we have unknown guests in there our head is always facing the opposite direction.